SMARTEQ displays your entire maintenance process of technical equipment and means of production. The process starts with the design and project planning of equipments, which covers the entire lifespan of operation, service and repair and ends with target-oriented replacement of the equipments. The focal point is always technical availability.


SMARTEQ Offers You

Through its functionality the Web Application SMARTEQ supports the management with strategic decisions as well as the operation, which has to guarantee the availability of the infrastructure and implementation of strategic guidelines in daily work. SMARTEQ is divided into the following functions:

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SMARTEQ offers you the possibility to structure your entire inventory clearly and display it on a map. You define the content and the cycle of the maintenance regulations. SMARTEQ independently calculates maintenance and support tasks and summarises these as a means to conserve resources, according to facility and location.


Directories & Projects

Additional information and documents can be added to the manageable inventory und ensure exchange of knowledge in your team. Every facility has a maintenance history which you can evaluate and keep track of at any time. Major changes in the inventory can be implemented in the form of projects - this allows you to maintain an overview at all times.



Assigning maintenance and support tasks or doing them by yourself is very easy and manageable. The detailed reporting reveals expenditures and guarantees the completion of the tasks. In addition to system scheduled maintenance and support tasks, you can also generate malfunction and installation tasks.


Inspection & Reports

With SMARTEQ you know the state of your inventory. Is the quality of your inventory unsatisfactory? Introduce measures and ensure their completion thanks to SMARTEQ. Whether it is information concerning the condition of your facilities and means of production or information concerning maintenance progress, SMARTEQ offers you a wide range of reports.



SMARTEQ For You - With ASE

ASE supports you in data structuring und maintenance planning in order for you to optimally display your inventory in SMARTEQ and thus carry out maintenance on the highest level.

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Stefan Ott
SMARTEQ Product Owner
Uri Schtalheim
Manager of ASE